Finishing up some work before heading to LA to finalize casting for an upcoming feature film!

Some days, getting up is harder than others. Fortunately I have a couple of elements in my life that makes sure I get up, get ready, and get to work.

This is the story of the three little politicians who refused to sing a Christmas song. What the hell? Why is this a story? And what tremendous trauma did they have to go through, these poor, little politicians?

I don't have the solution. I don't know how to remove the hate in people's hearts. But I will do my very best to expose your hatred, and let you see for yourself that the evil you so gladly attribute those you fear, actually is growing inside of you.

Everybody wants to become successful. In this article, I'll tell you how to do it. And it's probably not what you think.

Tired of seeing ads that require actors, but unfortunately they can't pay you?
This is what you should think about before applying for a job like that!

Har du vært nysgjerrig på å legge inn penger, men ikke helt sett poenget? Kanskje dette kan oppklare.

I suddenly may have realized why I'm not being rejected anymore.

I guess I must have passed out for a while. A long time, actually. As I was looking out towards the mediterranean sea, I was slowly realizing that I was headed down a very dark path.The past 10 months of my life seemed like a whole lifetime by themselves, and they had taken me to a new level of loneliness, sickness, and poverty. The following 4 years would become my long road b ...