New YouTube Channel - and more!

Since I started using the #SoonToBeWorldFamous tag on Instagram, things have really started to escalate!
Now I'm almost ready to start the new YouTube channel with the same name and branding - it will be a channel for actors like myself, and we will be heading out on a wonderful journey into the world of acting!

Other news

The past months, I have filmed and edited several music videos, corporate videos, planned the shooting of my next feature film, assembled a team that I'm really grateful to have on board, and received so many unexplainable, yet fantastic news!

I was hired to be the front figure for Dinoworld Norway, which means I get to act in front of a live audience who are between 3-10 years old! I love it! And I love how engaged they are in the story, and what's going on on stage!

Taking a break from Dinoworld's Live Show Performance.

I have also been working on a music video for Maria Mohn, and her song "En sang til deg" which means "A song for you" - a beautiful song about hope and getting by.

I have even been working on a music video for Metal/Rock legend JORN on the song "Life on Death Road", which includes guest guitarist Gus G - guitar player for Ozzy Osbourne, Mat Sinner, Alex Beyrodt and Franscesco Jovino from Primal Fear! And also Alessandro del Veccio - they keyboard player and producer. What an amazing lineup to be making a video for!
Some of the footage has been shot by an Italian company.

Now I'm looking forward to starting the production of Josh Taylor's Prom Date.
Stay tuned and get an insight into the process!

Oh, and also, follow my new YouTube channel as I will launch my new web series "Soon To Be World Famous" shortly!


Take care!


About the author

Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.