We don't need no education

Lazz - from the music video, "Get away from your woman".

I usually like creating my own projects - my own stories - that I've written, directed, and starred in myself.
Sometimes, however, I need to go work for someone else to earn a little income before I go off doing my own thing again.

A job? No, thank you - I'm fine.

Dancing in the open - from a private birthday music video I made.

The most difficult part for me is that I've never been good at applying for jobs. I've never been interested in having a job - I have been creating my own jobs and my own dreams my whole life, with a few exceptions. You know when they ask for a solid education? I don't have it.
I was never a good student. I did well in school, but I was never paying attention. My mind always wanders.
Even when the person speaking is very inspirational, I drift away someplace else because I get so inspired to use what I've learned on my own projects, and before I know it, my mind is off somewhere using a yet-to-be-invented camera equipment in Khandahar, while my body is left behind in a classroom in Norway where it should be listening to the rest of the lecture.

But I love it SO much!

I digitally added the medicine label on the box in post-production.

Movie making has been my passion for some years now.
Actually since I was just a couple of years old, but I didn't learn to acknowledge my passion until I was 25.

And because it is my passion, I have learned how to operate a camera, how to do proper framing, how to light a scene, how to do color grading, how to edit, how to direct, how to do VFX, how to do sound post-production, etc. Some of these areas I'm still fairly new to, and I need to seek out expert advice to get better. And that's what I do. I seek out people who already do what I want to learn, and I ask them. They teach me. I don't get a diploma. I get no written confirmation at all that I have learned the subject in question. So I'm stuck with a lot of knowledge, and no proper education.

Luckily, film is very tangible medium, and my previous work can showcase my abilities, and provide further work.
I think I just need to remove some of my earliest things, because they're simply not good enough.
I've even gone back on some of them to improve on the areas I know need improving, and thereby allowing myself to make a better showreel to demonstrate what I can do.

Personally, I wish I had learned about my passion earlier, and gotten a proper degree.
Before everything else happened. I have definitely taken the hard, long way around. But I am always proceeding, always moving ahead, and nothing shows that more than being able to direct Josh Taylor's Prom Date, which will reach a very important milestone next week!

Some of my latest screen captures.

Rino - from an upcoming educational action short.

Me - from an upcoming music video, "This Time".

Me acting scary - from an upcoming music video, "This Time".

Roger, the beer man - from an upcoming music video, "This Time".

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Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.