Preparing for take-off

I can't believe it's just a little more than a week until I leave for L.A. and the casting of Josh Taylor's Prom Date!
There are so many things that must be done this week. Not to mention the fact that I have to finish the music video for Jorn Lande.

The fun part is that Jorn has actually filmed everything in this video himself, and he wanted me to edit it, and add visual effects (VFX).
I wonder if he will like the finished result which I'm exporting today.

Just have to wait another half hour or so...

That's not too bad, though. When rendering short films, or music videos with heavier color grading and effects, the rendering time can often be so long that I go take a long, hot bath in stead.

Hm.. Half an hour is enough time to take one, isn't it? I say yes.

I have a confession to make - this picture is from last night, when I actually did enjoy finally having a home with a bath tub!
(I DID have a shower - please don't jump to conclusions just yet.. ;O) )

Today I will not have enough time to enjoy this luxury, as I will be enjoying another luxury - creating forms for the actors who will be coming to audition for us in LA next week.
What an exciting time to be a filmmaker!

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Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.