My limiting beliefs

Being an actor means being willing to get to know yourself on levels so deep, you will discover buried secrets that dictate your everyday choices and behaviors.
Some days we learn truths about ourselves that we would prefer not to know. Other times, we learn things that can help us grow and change.

Today it dawned on me that I need to change some of my limiting beliefs.
I always tell others to be very careful of what you believe, for it will come true.
What you believe, dictates what you do and say.
What you do and say determines the results you're getting back in life.
The results you get back tend to influence what you believe.

Have any of you felt the way I describe below?

I made this happen

As I look at my personal finances today, I realize that I'm left with little money to spare in February.
That's when I realized - I have been making sure this would happen for several weeks now. I have been telling everyone that I won't make much money in February, because it's a month I need to focus on activities that does not generate income - and that's why I have to work a little more in January.

I also realize that the reason I've been saying this is that I feel uncomfortable having too much success, because I feel like people around me will think I haven't deserved it.
All this stems from the fact that somewhere, deep inside my very core, I feel like I don't deserve it.
I have no idea why it's like that. Beliefs I've been taught since I was a kid, maybe? And not necessarily from parents, but from teachers, TV shows, other kids, magazines - I don't know!

Ultimately, it doesn't matter why I feel this way, or think this way.
What matters is that I recognize it, and that I change it.
do deserve the success I achieve. I do deserve to earn a lot of money, to see my dreams fulfilled. Even as I'm writing this, I realize that saying out loud that I deserve a lot of money triggers a negative emotion in me, because I feel greedy. I feel like all of a sudden, I'm not caring about those who have nothing anymore, and that I'm just another one of the rich people thinking only of themselves.

Well, I need to realize again that if I truly want to help others, I first need to have excessive resources.
It's like love - you can't find true love if you don't already love yourself, and your life, because love is to be shared - and if you have no love for yourself, you have no love to give.

I have been working hard, for many years.
It's brought me to dark, lonely places. I've struggled. All because deep down in my core, I feel that in order to achieve great success, you must first overcome great struggles.
Be very careful what you believe - for it will come true.

I want you to know that if I deserve to have all this, then so do you. If you don't think so, find out why, and change what needs to be changed.

Who wants to do this declaration with me?

I do declare...

I hereby make it my goal, and my purpose, to overcome my limiting beliefs. To acknowledge the fact that I can achieve my goals, and profit greatly from them without losing my value as a human being. Of all my income, I will give 10% to charity. For I will use this purpose to do good for others as well as myself. I will live freely, fearless, and in abundance. I will make it my personal mission in life to leave others feeling better than they did before they met me. And I will search for ways to make peace more profitable than war - so that all suffering may end.

In the end

Only one thing is absolutely certain in this life. It will end.
I don't want to wake up one day, 129 years old, and realize I only have a year left of my life, and think of all the things I could have achieved in life.
It's time to let go of all fears...

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Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.