Good to be home!

Not my actual home.

After travelling for almost 26 hours, it feels good to finally be back home and get some r... hold on.
Yeah, that was the doorbell. A customer who wanted to make some final changes on a music video. So I guess no rest for me.
After making the changes, I contacted the Vatican - I'll let you know more about why later. And no, I'm not running for Pope, nor asking to swim in his pool (that's a reference to something).

The next couple of weeks, we will be going through all auditions that we filmed during our stay in LA.
There are so many great candidates, and it's going to be a tough job selecting which ones will get parts in our movie.

My absolute biggest dream for this movie? That it will be the "breakthrough-movie" for one or more of the actors we hire. The one that will skyrocket them up to the TOP 100 stars in Hollywood!

Here's a short selection of four of the many actors that came to our auditions.

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Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.