Final Auditions Over!

From the casting sessions held in Los Angeles this weekend.

Sunday morning, rain is pouring. No, wait - it's not rain, it's the sound of the fountain in the backyard of the hotel, right outside our window.
The sound I'm hearing as I'm just sitting here, reading my book, relaxing. Today I have no place I have to be, no work I need to do.

Two long days of holding auditions are over. It has truly been an interesting ride. Some who were my favorite candidates before coming in are no longer being considered for a part in the movie, while other who I did not have much faith in impressed us so much that they are now being considered for lead roles.

I do have one confession to make. We have decided who is going to be our female lead.
This is very exciting for us as this was one of the most important characters to cast. The next couple of weeks, we will be deciding who will get the male lead role, and all the supporting roles. It will be an interesting process, because one of our crowdfunding backers will also be a part in deciding one of the supporting cast roles.

For now, all I want to do is sit back, relax, and shave. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know why I want to shave today...

All that's left for me to do now is write this blog as you can see me doing in this picture. Ah, see what I did there!? ;O)

And to all our actors who came from Canada, Sweden, Holland, and all parts of the United States of America - THANK YOU for coming to these auditions, and for giving us such great performances!

About the author

Andy Pett is an actor and director who have made, starred in, and assisted on productions in Canada, USA, Europe, and Scandinavia.