Josh Taylor's Prom Date

Here you will find everything related to the full-length, American feature I'm directing - Josh Taylor's Prom Date.

A new YouTube channel for actors by an actor!
And more things to be grateful for!

Going through the audition tapes! Loving it!

We have decided who gets the female lead role! But we're not telling just yet...

This has got to be the way to start the day if you want to achieve success and happiness - I'm certain of it.

Starting to get all the paperwork needed for the LA auditions. But did I forget something?

Since movies are so tangible, do we really need education?

Finishing up some work before heading to LA to finalize casting for an upcoming feature film!

Some days, getting up is harder than others. Fortunately I have a couple of elements in my life that makes sure I get up, get ready, and get to work.